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Bringing sound and movement to life

As a professional singer I describe Vibrato as the slight variation of pitch resulting from the free oscillation of vocal cords. 'Vibrato in a tone is comparable to the pulse in a living being – it evidences life and therewith also expression and emotion.' Sigurd Rascher'


I am inspired by this quote and my journey is to bring sound & movement to life through, music, song, conversation, workshops and presentations. Vibrato represents a pulse. Life requires a pulse. A healthy pulse is a healthy human being and the power of lyric and melody is cleansing, healing, restorative, energizing and so much more.


May Vibrato, Bringing Sound & Movement To Life, be a life force in itself, creating hope for all those whose paths I cross. My focus is particularly on those who are disadvantaged, on the wrong of the law, those who need a helping hand in order to make a change.


'Vibrato to me is as natural as adding a pinch of salt to a boiled egg. Without salt  it is flat but if there is too much, it can ruin the egg.' Tina Cross '

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